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For the last decade or so I’ve been easy to find on the internet. However, some platforms are making it increasingly difficult to interact with fans and/or forgive their gross corporate policies. Going forward, I’ll be consciously moving away from engaging on Facebook and instead focusing on a number of new ways for us to share info without being throttled/extorted by the Devil. You with me? Here’s where I'm hanging out:

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"The Failure" 2x Vinyl LP

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B Dolan

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B. Dolan, a seasoned artist from Providence, RI, has expanded his creative influence beyond music into film, poetry, and songwriting over the past fifteen years. Known for his impassioned delivery, dynamic live performances, and dedication to challenging the norm, Dolan engages deeply in his craft while actively fostering a community among his fans and friends. With 15 LPs, mixtapes, and live projects already in his portfolio, including his upcoming fourth studio album, 'The Wound Is Not the Body,' scheduled for release in 2024, Dolan continues to navigate life, aging, trauma, and the cultural landscape with versatility and unwavering dedication.

In the midst of a difficult upbringing, B. Dolan discovered solace and purpose in hip-hop. Crafting his initial rhymes at the age of 12, he found healing in music, using it as an outlet to make sense of his inner and outer worlds. He began performing at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC in 2001, signed to indie label Strange Famous and began touring the world in 2005.

Over 30 years, Dolan's commitment to his pen and stagecraft has yielded a rich discography, showcasing his dynamic delivery and the ability to create explosive anthems and narrative poetry. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Dolan has been working as an activist since 2005, participating in protests from the age of 18, reporting on corporate crime for over a decade with, and leading online campaigns through his music, such as the viral hashtags #FilmthePolice and #MakeRacistsAfraidAgain.

Despite overcoming numerous challenges along the way including recovering from an emergency spinal fusion during the pandemic, B. Dolan remains prolific. He's cultivated a flourishing Twitch community, hosted virtual #NetherRap Minecraft shows during lockdown, and successfully crowdfunded vinyl pressings and projects. As he gears up for his first international tour since COVID, his impact reverberates not only as an artist but as a compassionate individual dedicated to the greater good of others.

With new music on the horizon and an evergreen commitment to reinventing his creative process, B. Dolan continues to make an indelible mark on the global art and music community.