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For the last decade or so I’ve been easy to find on the internet. However, some platforms are making it increasingly difficult to interact with fans and/or forgive their gross corporate policies. Going forward, I’ll be consciously moving away from engaging on Facebook and instead focusing on a number of new ways for us to share info without being throttled/extorted by the Devil. You with me? Here’s where I'm hanging out:

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B Dolan

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B. Dolan is an American rapper, spoken word artist, activist, and screenwriter based in Providence, Rhode Island.

As a musician, he is the composer of three official LPs (released by Strange Famous Records jointly with Speech Development Records in Europe), three mixtapes and a live LP (all released independently). He's maintained a rigorous international touring schedule since 2005 alongside friends and collaborators like Sage Francis, Atmosphere, and Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. This year he released a critically- acclaimed LP with Sage Francis under the group moniker Epic Beard Men.

As an activist, Dolan is known as the co-founder of, where he's advocated for corporate accountability to the public for over a decade, leading most notably to a battle with Dov Charney, deposed CEO of American Apparel. He is also the creator of the viral hashtags #filmthepolice and **#makeracistsafraidagain.

As a screenwriter, Dolan is the writer and composer of several independent films, most notably Vault (2018) starring Theo Rossi, Samira Wiley and Chazz Palminteri.

He continues to handle all aspects of his creative output and businesses from his home in Rhode Island. He wrote this bio. Fuck wit me.